Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How we saved money this week.

  As part of our new plan to really save money and move our financial future forward this year we have been looking at different things in our lives that we can cut back on or cut out to save us money. One of the obvious is our grocery bill. Which I am currently in the process of tackling still. Its kind of a monster lol. Since its just the two of us for now. We dont have any kids yet. Its a great time for us to learn to be more responsible with money. However, because we only have the two of us it was also very easy to learn how to spend more than we needed to. We have always eaten out whenever we want and done other things with our free time that we probably would not have done if we had kids.

  So while still in the process of cutting back on what we spend on household items and groceries we looked into other things in our life we could save on. We were both playing an online game for our sort of "hobby" we did it just in our free time on weekends and stuff like that. But it was costing us $30 dollars a month to play and we were paying more for our higher internet speed because it was an online game.

   This week we cancelled the game subscription so that is an automatic thirty dollars back in our pocket we also switched away from cable internet to another provider which slashed our bill by $20 a month. We then traded in about $100 worth of games and movies and bought a Ps3. Some people probably think that was a waste of money but for us it wasn't its what we do in our down time when we want to. We dont pay for cable TV so this is a one time fee for us to buy the console and we only buy used games and then we trade in when we want a different one. For us it was worth spending the money once versus the $50 a month we were spending on something that we weren't really even using anymore.

 We could even pick up netflix streaming for $8 every month and still come out ahead of where we were. With no concern of late fees or anything like that. I am so excited about this decision, ready to be rid of some excess spending and ready to start tackling more things :))

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