Monday, March 28, 2011

Refocused and staying.

  I am realizing today and this week how very hard it can be for people to stay dedicated to things. My fiance (Jay) and I were so ready to get on track with saving money and we still are but we let ourselves get too comfortable sometimes.
     Life gets busy and we find excuses to break our pact about not eating out. So we eat out and then the next night the pact has already been broken so what does it matter at that point? Well it does matter because even if life gets in the way one night and you spend money you weren't going to spend or you eat something that isn't on your diet or fall into any old habit that you are trying to break it doesn't mean that you have ruined it for the whole month. Slipping up one day on a monthly/weekly plan does not excuse you making the same mistake tomorrow or the next day. I realized how I am so guilty of doing this. 

   Last week I didnt do any of the stuff I should have. I did not blog. I did not do any extra money saving or earning that I had planned. I didn't pick up any extra hours at my job. So this week I am starting over I almost let myself out of it this week too but I am not going to. Its not only  my fiances responsibilty to work extra hours. If I want to secure our future then I need to take an active role in doing so.

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