Thursday, March 10, 2011


   So today, off the topic of saving money a little. Today was a trying day at my job. We hired someone new and I work with a really small group of people.Which can make it hard to find a great balance between everyone, and if the balance isn't there it is easy to notice. This person and I probably won't be best friends by any stretch of the term. I can deal with new  people it doesn't really bother me. In my last job I worked with people coming and going on a much larger scale. I just am realizing that this job is not where my heart is.
     Right now I am working in a bank which is a blessing because I wanted out of my last job really bad. In my last job I was so done with it. I had worked for the same company for five years and all forward progress in my career had come to a halt. Partly because of how the company had shifted. More so because of how our particular store was being ran and also because I had grown so tired of doing a job that I was not being compensated fairly for.  So I prayed for a new job and I sought a new job and I was blessed with one. I am incredibly thankful for that, but I know in my heart that I want to work with kids. I want to do a complete career shift which is going to be hard. Most of my training is in business not in children lol. I do however have some experience dealing with children. I have worked with them in the recent past and when I was younger. I don't want to be a teacher but I would love to work in or own a daycare. Or something along those lines. 

    I want a total change all at the same time we are embarking on this new financial journey. This could be the best or worst timing I guess. I am willing to stick out my job for as long as I need to it was put into my life when I desperately needed it so I am not going to just throw it away. I am dedicated to using it for the purpose it was given to me for. I am just not sure I know what that is yet. Whew ok I think I am done with my whine fest for the day. 

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